Photo Recovery and Forensic Software

Photo, Video and File Recovery

Photo and image recovery is made easy with Detection Master 3.1. The automatic low level search rebuilds thumbnails of images to allow for fast search and rebuilding of deleted photos and images.

No technical knowledge is required to recover photos. One click and Detection Master does it all for you.

File recovery doesn't stop there though. This software will also rebuild many other file formats including videos, movies and audio files.

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Secure Deletion

Files can be securely deleted with Detection Master so that they can never be recovered ensuring you will not pass on sensitive personal data when you sell or dispose of your PC! A must with the alarming increase in cases of Identity Theft.View the photo recovery screenshot

Personal Privacy

The Personal Privacy Management function allows you to overwrite all the free/unused space on your computer also preventing recovery of personal data when you sell or dispose of your PC.

It also allows you to view and securely delete data which is stored to record your activities. This data includes cookies, temporary files, history records, typed web addresses and much more.

Forensics or Parents?

Detection Master has a wide range of users from specialists in forensic computer analysis to parents who want to keep an eye on their childrens online behaviour without the children knowing.

So whether its photo recovery, forensic analysis, cleaning your PC before sale or protecting your children, Detection Master fits the bill.

Now includes dm Thumbs

dm Thumbs is now included with the forensic tools available with Detection Master. With it you can view the thumbnail images stored in thumbs.db files and ehthumbs.db files.

It is a powerful tool that will show what images or photos were stored in a folder even after they have been deleted. It can also assist in the naming of photos after carrying out image recovery.

You can get the stand alone free version of DM Thumbs from

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