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Explorer View Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When I select some files and folders the secure deletion routines are disabled?

A. To prevent inadvertent secure deletion of unintended items the secure deletion procedure is restricted to one level. Your selection will include folders that have files or folders inside.

Q. Why can't I rebuild deleted folders?

A. Rebuilding the folder would recreate the file entries in that folder but these wouldn't point to actual files. You can get information about the files listed in the folder by viewing it's cluster data with the Cluster Viewer.

Q. When I use Auto File Rebuild in Explorer View I get a "Cluster in use by another file" message. Why?

A. Files can only be rebuilt if the clusters that made them up have not been used by another file. If they have, it is impossible to rebuild the file.

Q. When I use Auto File Rebuild and try to save the rebuilt file, the Save As box will not close. Why?

A. The filename probably starts with a '?' which is invalid. Change it and then click Save.

Q. Why doesn't my file work after I rebuilt it with Auto File Rebuild?

A. Even though the clusters that originally made up the file are free they may have been used by another file since they were originally deleted. The file you have created therefore may contain meaningless data.

Q. Sometimes it takes a while to flush shadow entries and I can hear my drive working. Why?

A. Detection Master has to get a 'lock' on the drive before it can flush shadow entries. Sometimes the system will not provide this lock quickly, possibly because either it or another application has a lock when it is requested.

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