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Low Level Search Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Detection Master create temporary files when I am rebuilding pictures?

A. Yes. During an automatic search the same clusters will be used for creating the file to minimise the unused space affected by the temporary files.

Q. In manual searches what does Clean/Close do when I am looking at a rebuilt picture?

A. It securely deletes the temporary file which created the rebuilt picture and then overwrites the clusters where the original data was found. The window is then closed.

Q. The program crashed during an automatic low level search. Why?

A. Occassionally partially rebuilt gifs do cause problems during thumbnail creation. The software incorporates a system to protect against the same gifs causing problems on more than 2 occassions.

Q. Why can't I see thumbnails of PNG images?

A. The creation of thumbnails for PNG and PCX files has not yet been incorporated into the software. At this time you will need to rebuild the file and open it with an external viewer.

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