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Personal Privacy Management Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does it take to clean the unused space on a complete hard drive?

A. It is not.possible to specify how long it will take as this depends on many factors including the specification of your computer and even the distribution pattern of the unused clusters on the drive.

Q. Why are all the options under Netscape disabled?

A. Any of the PPM options which are program specific will look for a supported version on the computer and if none is found the options are disabled.

Q. Why do you not include PPM for Opera/Firefox?

A. We are now getting more requests for these and may incorporate them into a future upgrade. Let us know if you want them supported.

Q. Why does the program seem to struggle when deleting the url indexing file?

A. As the file is always in use by the system Detection Master writes to each individual cluster making up the file which is a much slower process.

Q. Why do url's that are in the url indexing file before I clean it sometimes re-appear later on?

A. Detection Master writes to the actual clusters for the file. If you use a program that is storing the url contents in memory it will re-write that data back to disk and hence over the clusters previously cleaned. To prevent this happening re-start the system before starting programs that use the url indexing file.

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