Photo Recovery and Forensic Software

Detection Master Features

Detection Master has extensive capabilities but can also be used as a quick effective solution for wiping files, recovering deleted pictures or even cleaning up your hidden data records from Windows.

Listed below are the main features of Detection Master 3 software categorised by tool or program view. To ensure you get the right features you need please refer to our products page.

Low Level Search (Pro and Forensic versions)

  • Searches can be manual or automatic where Detection Master analyzes as it goes and provides either thumbnail images or detailed results of file analysis
  • Search your computer, digital camera or other storage device for deleted pictures
    • Formats currently supported include :
      • Standard JPG's
      • Digital camera JPG's
      • Non standard JPG's
      • GIF Images
      • Bitmaps
      • PNG
      • PCX Paintbrush
  • Search your computer for deleted movie or video files
    • Formats currently supported include :
      • Avi videos
      • Mpeg movies
      • Mpeg2/DVD Movies
      • Asf/wmv videos
      • RealMedia files
      • QuickTime movies
  • Search your computer for deleted music and audio files
    • Formats currently supported include :
      • mp3 files
      • wav files
      • Midi files
      • Ogg files
  • Search your computer for all deleted file signatures (Forensic version only)
    • Some of the file signatures currently supported include :
      • The image files listed above
      • JPEG2000, TIF, WMF and EMF files
      • The video and movie files listed above
      • PDF documents
      • ZIP and RAR files
      • System executables such as EXE and DLL
      • Compound Office Documents including DOC and XLS.
      • SWF
      • PWL
      • URL
      • CSV
      • HTML, XML
      • TORRENT
      • REG
  • Search your virtual memory (swap file or paging file) for deleted picture files
  • Build your own custom search
    • Credit card numbers, your name or any other personal information
  • Recover any of these files or even rebuild custom files
  • Securely overwrite the raw data that is found in the low level search

Explorer View

  • Erase files or folders
  • Securely delete files or folders beyond recoverability
  • Automatically rebuild normally deleted files
  • Access files in user accounts which have been made private
  • Flush shadow entries for deleted files and folders
  • Launch the Cluster Viewer to view the low level data for a selected file or folder
  • Clean file slack
  • Clean File Record slack in the MFT on NTFS drives
  • Copy files for pasting into a separate folder.
  • Calculate the CRC32 value of files.
  • Run files with their associated application
  • Print folder listings

Personal Privacy Management

  • Clean unused diskspace
  • Clean file slack
  • Clean up or view temporary internet files, url histories, cookies and more after web browsing
  • Clean up or view recent file lists or playlists for Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, QuickTime or Paint
  • Clean the virtual memory file
  • Clean up or view temporary files
  • Remove or view the User Assist records
  • Clean up or view Recent Documents
  • Remove or view Recent Document records from the registry
  • Remove or view the Open and Save records from the registry
  • Remove or view the Find Files records from the registry
  • Remove or view the Text Search records from the registry

Cluster Viewer

  • View clusters in either text or hex format
  • Identify cluster chains
  • Check FAT values for any cluster
  • Print or save to file cluster data for later use
  • Print or save to file cluster chains for later use
  • Associate file names with clusters
  • Clean clusters using a secure Clearance Routine

dm Thumbs

  • View thumbnail images stored inside thumbs.db files
  • View thumbnail images stored inside ehthumbs.db files
  • Save thumbnail images to a separate file
  • Recover the original filename for images
  • Zoom in on thumbnail images

Drive Copy

  • Create a copy of a drive on another drive

Wipe Drive

  • Wipe the entire contents of a drive including the file system
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